• Energy and utilities

    Advisory services for an international company in the field of energy in relation to the establishment of a wind park in Romania. The mandate involves assistance for identification of the appropriate habitat, due diligence investigations in relation to the lands necessary to be bought, setting of norms and administrative framework with local authorities, preparing the necessary contracts, preparation and negotiation of funding contracts.

    Advisory services for one of the largest international construction and energy groups related of group integration for nine acquired Romanian companies. The project included analysis of group internal policies and group structure and also included the design and implementation of the strategy for Romanian companies reorganization.

    Advisory services for SC ICPE ELECTROCOND Technologies SA, a major energy research institute, related to the legal aspects of the current operational and research activities.

  • Banking

    Advisory services for two major international financial institutions. Privatization of the largest commercial bank in Romania. The legal assistance has included data checking, interviews with company management, due diligence extensive investigations, drafting due diligence reports, drafting and negotiating of transaction structure, negotiating with public institutions in Romania in connection with the bank privatization strategy and the detailed privatization plan, preparing of transaction documents, including share sale purchase agreements, the shareholders’ agreement, the bank privatization plan, internal regulations for bank Board, preparing the agenda for privatization closing. After ending the project, at clients request, we provided legal advice related to bank daily operations.

    Advising one of the largest international financial institutions for the financing of a large Romanian state-owned commercial bank. Advice on regulatory issues, due diligence investigations, drafting the legal report for due diligence, studying of applicable banking rules and preparing of the transaction structure, the financing contracts, legal management for the transaction closing.

  • Transports

    Advisory services for one of the largest transports brokerage firms, related to the legal supervision of their current activities. The project includes drafting or revising of commercial, suppliers, leasing, credit and banking contracts. Administrative and fiscal procedures, negotiations with the authorities or with counterparties are also an ongoing task.

    Advisory services for a major company in the field of road transports in connection with the registration of industrial property rights at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

    Services of legal lobby for an association composed from professional organizations in the transports field in relation to daily allowance for drivers who travel internationally. The project included meetings with representatives of transport unions and federations to set the joint strategy, meetings with decision makers from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Labour.

  • Agro & chemical industry

    Advisory and assistance services for one of the most important regional company for agricultural products trading. The project implies the legal oversight of operational activity, securing contractual mechanisms with suppliers and customers, identifying legal means in order to avoid and diminishing the risk of non-payment.

    Advisory services for an important group of oil production. Acquisition of the largest producer of oil from Romania. Legal assistance included extensive legal investigations for due diligence and interviews with the company’s management in order to identify company’s key issues, due diligence investigations relating to real estate properties of the company, legal analysis of the social capital structure, preparation of the due diligence preliminary report, legal analysis of the transaction documents, negotiation of transaction terms and conditions with the Romanian public institutions and privatization authority.

  • Constructions


    – Drafting the legal map for each project, starting with obtaining the first approvals or authorizations and ending with the reception formalities;
    – Negotiating the contractual terms in order to create a clear and transparent mechanism that shall prevent the occurrence of litigations;
    – Verifying the technical and legal regime of the premises with the competent public authorities;
    – Discussing with the public authorities in order to issue the specific administrative documents (certificates, authorizations, approvals);
    – Advising with regard to the relevant legal issues about mergers, dissolutions, liquidations, procurement;


    Over time, we offered:

    • Consultancy for an international investor in the constructions field with regard to the development of a wind farm in Romania. The project has involved assistance in identifying the proper area, legal audit regarding the lands bought, establishing the legal-administrative context with the local authorities, preparing the necessary contracts, preparing and negotiating the financing contracts.
    • Consultancy for a major design company with regard to the legal activity related to the negotiation, closure and execution of design services contracts, project management contracts and architecture & engineering contracts.
    • Consultancy for one of the largest local engineering & constructions companies, with regard to its current activity: drafting construction and sub-construction contracts, negotiating contracts with the contractual partners, monitoring the acceptance formalities on the finalization of the works and dealing with the final acceptance formality, consultancy services regarding contractual and fiscal aspects related to guaranties.
    • Consultancy for one of the top international design & construction holdings with regard to buying and integrating nine Romanian companies in the holding. The project has included the analysis of internal group politics and group’s structure as well as the preparation and implementation of strategy regarding the reorganization of Romanian companies.
    • Consultancy for the biggest local company – system integrator for industry in relation to various projects focused on extending certain thermal or electrical networks, changing the distribution manner. The legal activity has included a permanent dialogue with the beneficiaries’ representatives for the clarification of requirements, participation to the negotiation and the signature of the contract between the two parties as well as assistance for the actual implementation of the project.
    • Granting assistance to a design & engineering company for recovering the good execution guaranties derived from a construction contract (design & execution) granted by public procurement in Hungary and Finland;
    • Representing an engineering company before the Arbitrage Court with regard to the annulment of delay penalties amounting more than 1,000,000 euro;
    • Representing an association formed of both Romanian and foreign companies with regard to the litigations arising from disqualification from the public procurement procedures and then winning a public procurement procedure amounting 28,000,000 euro for a design & execution contract.