Legal services for a good development of contractual relations among professionals:

  1. Negotiating contractual clauses and drafting new contracts;
  2. Revising and drafting commercial contracts;
  3. Sending notifications and other legal documents to contractual partners and authorities;
  4. Formulating legal responses to the notifications sent to our clients;
  5. Legal assistance and representation before the courts of law and other authorities with regard to the failure to execute or the improper or delayed execution of obligations by the contractual partner of our client;
  6. Payment summons and debt recovery procedures;
  7. Prosecution of claims


Procedures for debts recovery:

  1. Negotiating with the debtors;
  2. Drafting and sending notifications and subpoenas;
  3. Formulating foreclosure procedures;
  4. Granting legal assistance/representation in foreclosure procedures;
  5. Assistance and representation during the foreclosure procedure;
  6. Complaints against the foreclosure;
  7. Motions for the suspension of a foreclosure procedure;
  8. Motions for the provisional suspension of a foreclosure procedure;
  9. Reversion of foreclosure procedure.



  1. Drafting Articles of Incorporation;
  2. Amending Articles of Incorporation;
  3. Drafting Addendums, resolutions of the Shareholders’ General Meeting;
  4. Reserving company’s name;
  5. Obtaining fiscal and legal certificates for the Company and for the shareholders/stockholders;
  6. Obtaining certificates containing the company’s details from the Trade Registry;
  7. Increasing/decreasing the registered capital;
  8. Assigning shares/stocks;
  9. Adding new shareholders to a company or shareholders’ withdrawal from a company;
  10. Appointing administrators/auditors;
  11. Incorporation/de-registration of working points, agencies, affiliates, representative offices;
  12. Changing the headquarters, extending the contracts for the headquarters;
  13. Amending the company’s name;
  14. Adding new activity fields;
  15. Changing the shareholders’ identification data;
  16. Dissolution, liquidation, judicial reorganization, bankruptcy.
  17. Drafting the declaration for real beneficiary;
  18. Assistance and representation before the Trade Registry;
  19. Monitoring and informing in due time the client with regard to the expiration of validity of administrator mandate, expiration of headquarters, working points etc.;
  20. Incorporating associations and foundations according to the provisions of Government Decree no. 26/2000, including representation before the competent court house.


Labor law:

  1. Drafting and revising individual or collective labor contracts, including non-competition clauses, exclusivity clauses and confidentiality clauses;
  2. Drafting and revising the Internal Regulation and, as the case may be, the regulation for organization and functioning;
  3. Assistance in the individual or collective firing procedures;
  4. Assistance in the procedures for enforcing disciplinary sanctions;
  5. Assistance for solving labor conflicts, including rights and interests conflicts, legal firing, discrimination cases, unfair treatment etc.
  6. Assistance and representation before the law courts both for the employer and for the employee in the labor litigations.


Transportation Law:

  1. Assistance with regard to drafting, preparing, negotiating, executing and terminating different types of contracts in the transportation field (shipment contracts, freight contracts, goods insurance contracts, person insurance contracts etc.);
  2. Consultancy regarding the obtaining of authorizations/certificates for transportation;
  3. Assistance and representation in the benefit of transporters before the law courts with regard to litigations generated by the improper execution/non-execution of shipment contracts;
  4. Legal assistance with regard to the acquisition, sale or lease of transport means, regardless of their type;
  5. Legal assistance in case the client wants to contest the contravention minutes which establish sanctions for breaching the regulations regarding the Highway Code, wide load, ADR, CMR convention etc.;
  6. Legal assistance and representation before the competent bodies in case of road accidents.


Intellectual property:

  1. Registering trademarks, patents, models, drawings, copyright, including granting representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, as well as before the Romanian Office for Copyright;
  2. Legal assistance and representation with regard to the litigations having as object the defending of industrial & intellectual property rights on the territory of Romania.